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Simple Apartment Security Tips

The security concerns of a renter living in an apartment are unique from those of someone living in a single-family home or even a condo. You live in close, almost intimate proximity to total strangers, who for all you know, could be serial killers or some other kind of extreme character. While this is no reason to live in utter paranoia of your fellow man, there are still steps you can take to protect yourself in case those fears turn out to at least be somewhat justified. If you are looking for apartments for sale in New York City, and are interested in simple, non-intrusive to your fellow tenant security measures, read on for the answers.

#1. Research local crime

Before you do anything, it helps to know that you aren’t paranoid. With the internet, researching the crime rate of any given area has never been easier. Simply putting down the area you’ll be staying in and looking up what the crime rate is can instantly show you the answer. If it’s incredibly high, maybe you shouldn’t move there at all. But if it’s around a decently high rate, but not unreasonable, then the following steps should be all you need.

#2. New door locks

The fact of the matter is, people have lived in your apartment before you, and have used your door locks. Therefor, if an unsavory character has lived in your apartment previously, and would, of course, be able to hold onto his key, then they have a way into your apartment and to your stuff. Obviously not something you want, so be sure to at least have your locks rekeyed, if not changed entirely. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

#3. Note the fire escapes

What if, rather than someone breaking in, the apartment catches on fire? In this case, the fire escape may be your one chance at survival. So make sure to take note of where it is, and how to get onto it. It may just save your life.

#4. Examine the window locks

There’s more than one way to break into your house, and the windows are one. So, those window locks are going to be your one chance at keeping potential intruders out of your home. Like your door locks, make sure to have them replaced when you move in, and then be sure to keep a regular watch on them, in case they ever break. For more information visit 252 East 57th.

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