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Simple Tips for Effective Eczema Scalp Treatment

An eczema scalp is one of the worst hair conditions for anyone to deal with for a number of reasons. This condition leads to flaky skin and itchiness, which can be rather troublesome. It can cause distress in social situations as no one would want to scratch their head or have dead skin on their shoulders. Fortunately, there are many tips for proper scalp treatment in such a case.

Tips for Eczema Scalp Treatment

Eczema of a scalp usually gets aggravated if bacteria builds up in hair follicles. This mostly happens due to dead skin and is difficult to get rid of. Here are some tips that you can use for good scalp treatment.

Moisturize Your Scalp

The most important thing to do in this kind of scalp treatment is moisturize your scalp in the best way possible. This can be done by using coconut or olive oil on your scalp. Both oils help to form a barrier against loss of moisture from the scalp and this reduces flaking. You can strengthen the effect of the oil by wrapping your hair in a warm towel. It opens up hair follicles, allowing oil to penetrate the scalp deeply.

Neutralize Bacteria

This is necessary for reducing the flaking situation of the scalp. By neutralizing bacteria, you get rid of the dead skin cells in the scalp. Tea tree oil is considered an effective antibiotic for this purpose. Mixing tea tree oil with carrier oil is a good combination for reducing bacteria in the scalp.

Washing Your Hair

It is important to take care of eczema scalp when bathing. Avoid using strong shampoo as it may cause the hair to become dry again. Also avoid using a blow dryer on a high setting after wash. It is best to air dry your hair as it doesn’t interfere with the moisture of your scalp.

Those suffering from eczema scalp are also advised to keep away from scratching their head as it worsens the condition.

Eczema Scalp Treatment
Eczema Scalp Treatment

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