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How to Maintain Your Paving in Bellingham, WA

Freshly-paved parking lots, walkways, and driveways make a business look more professional and better maintained. There are a lot of ways property owners can extend the life of their paved areas and prevent the potholes, cracks, and chips that damage vehicles and are tripping hazards. The effort required is minimal and will be rewarded with a more attractive yard and lower maintenance costs.

Hire the Best

The most resilient Paving Bellingham WA properties have is the surface that was installed correctly. Avoid hiring the cheapest contractor, and look for the one with the best reputation instead. Some companies save money by not leveling or excavating the ground properly, not applying a thick enough layer of pavement, or not sealing the pavement afterward. Talk to the contractor and read the estimate to know exactly what is included in the price.

Keep it Clean

Even the most durable Paving Bellingham WA contractors install is vulnerable to damage. Rocks, leaves, and other debris harm pavement by causing it to wear out faster. Sweeping away this material regularly will reduce the deterioration of the pavement. Water also erodes paved areas, and sweeping will prevent water from collecting around the areas of debris.

Have it Maintained

Seal coating a parking lot every couple of years will protect the pavement by creating a barrier between the asphalt and the elements. It also acts as a shield against damage when rocks or gravel accumulate. This is also a good time to have any cracks repaired as well.

Prevent Water Damage

Removing debris stops water accumulation in paved areas where the drainage is adequate. If puddles are forming or water is backing up, it is important to solve this issue immediately. Storm drains should have been added when the pavement was under construction but, if this step was neglected, consider installing them now. Areas that receive a lot of precipitation need to take proper drainage seriously in order to protect their investment.

Companies like Asphalt Industries help property owners to maintain and repair their current paving, install new parking lots and roads, and repave older lots that are beyond repair. Working with a contractor to create a maintenance plan after an installation will make it easier to budget ahead. Over time, the extra effort spent on the maintenance of paved areas will reduce costs, save time, and keep the area looking professional.

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