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Are You Looking for Professional Stump Grinding in St. Augustine, FL?

Whether you’ve cut down a tree by yourself or you’ve moved into a property and you’ve noticed a number of old tree stumps in the ground, there are good reasons to call a local stump grinding service. So, why should you get rid of that old tree stump in your yard? Consider the following:

  • Termites and Insects: The problem is that old tree stumps can be a haven for insects and may even attract termites in some areas. This may then lead to them becoming an issue in the home itself. Calling a stump grinding service is the best way to ensure that you get rid of the stump completely.
  • Injury Hazard: Sometimes, people carve old tree stumps into chairs in the yard but they can also represent an injury hazard. If there are old stumps that have been fully or partially covered by soil and other garden debris, they can be something of a tripping hazard.
  • Tree Growth: Sometimes getting rid of a tree and leaving the stump behind means that the tree roots will keep on growing. Some species of tree are very hardy and will keep on shooting out roots and leaves even when most of the tree is gone. As long as there’s a stump left behind and a root system, they’ll keep on growing!

Don’t Leave the Stump Behind

Those tree stumps in your garden might look okay and may even serve a purpose but there are times when you need to get rid of them and look for professional stump grinding in St. Augustine, FL. Make sure that you browse our website for more details.

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