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2 Signs That Indicate It Is Time to Replace Your System’s Scoring Wheel

Do you own and have been using a manual tile cutter and are pleased to finally find a tool that provides precision and accuracy without having to use electrical power? Have you been using this type of equipment for a few years and are now noticing that it no longer provides the same clean-cut as it once had when you first used your manual cutter? If yes, then here are two signs that may indicate it is time to replace your scoring wheel.

Jagged Edges

One of the telltale signs that indicate you may need to replace your system’s scoring wheel is that the tiles you are cutting appear to have jagged edges. When this occurs, the scoring wheel may be damaged or is no longer sharp.

No Clean Breaks

Another sign that indicates you may need to replace your manual cutter’s scoring wheel is when it no longer allows for clean breaks. As you may have experienced, a properly functioning scoring wheel should allow you to separate the tile after cutting with little to no effort. If you struggle to safely separate the cut tiled piece from the system, then it is time to replace the scoring wheel.

Where to Buy Authentic and Genuine Scoring wheels

Perhaps you are now searching for a company that offers Rubi tile cutter scoring wheels but are unsure who to trust to acquire them from. Here is a tip. When searching for a company that can supply you with authentic and genuine Rubi tile cutter scoring wheels, consider choosing a reputable company that has serving clients for several years. Choosing this type of company will ensure you receive only the highest quality products and services in the market.

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