Foundation Repair

Your Solutions to Tipping and Bowed Walls in Washington PA

When you are repairing bowed or tipping walls several things have to be considered. It is important to first find the reasons the walls are tipping. There are some few causes that could have been the cause. For instance, tree roots pushing the wall inwards, there could be hydrostatic pressure building up behind the wall or water heaving and freezing. Sometimes there could have been an improper back filling when the building was constructed.

The condition of the walls should also be assessed, what constructed the walls either concrete or masonry blocks. Potential damages should be addressed and should they require expensive aesthetic work after repair then the homeowner should consider installing new one.

When all assessment is complete, the materials for repair should be carefully chosen. These include replacing the wall, securing the wall with tie back helical anchors and also jacking up the wall. Removing and replacing the old wall is the most effective and durable solution. Therefore, it should be used in spite of its expensive and messy process. If the problem is caused by tree roots, you can cut down the tree to prevent further damages to your building. If the tree is valuable to you, consult an arborist to assist you in root control.

You may also consider helical piers since they are an excellent solution. These helical tiebacks anchors are inserted in the walls and are dug into the soil at an angle. When the soil hardens the installation pressures attains its required levels and the inside of the helical pier is then transitioned into a threaded rod. A nut and a washer create pressure to support the steel plate. This in turn stabilizes the wall. Visit us at Engineered Foundations

It is usually recommended that landscape create an even flow away from the structure gutters should be directed away from the building. Tilling the ground to direct surface water away can also help. Waterproofing is also important in keeping water destruction away. Helical piers are the ultimate solution to stabilize Bowed Walls Washington, PA. Most repairs take one to two days to complete. However, the interiors walls will have to be replaced. After repairing with helical tieback the wall is ready for services such as repainting without having to wait for it to cure. Consider tiebacks for all your Bowed Walls Washington, PA service needs.

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