Your Rights During Arrests: Ocean City MD Attorneys Explain

When you are arrested, you don’t simply give up your rights. In fact, you have many rights when you are arrested by the police. If you’ve ever wondered about your rights during arrests, Ocean City MD attorneys want you to know what they are and how they work, so you don’t unintentionally incriminate yourself.

Reason for Arrest

One of the fundamental rights you have when you’re arrested is the right to know the reason for the arrest. The police officers are required to tell you what you are being charged with either before or while they are in the process of detaining you. If they are arresting you because of a warrant, you have the right to see that warrant soon after being arrested. When you see it, make sure it’s your name that appears on it and read the charges on it so you understand why you are being detained.

Remaining Silent

As you are being arrested, the police are required to read you your Miranda Rights. These are the rights you have as an arrestee. The first one mentioned in this list of rights is the right to remain silent. This might be the most important one because if you do decide to talk, you might say something that could be misunderstood or twisted around and be used against you if your case goes to court.

Stop Questions at Any Time

Another right that you have is to cease answering questions at any time. Even if you’ve been talking to the police for several minutes and answering their questions, you can simply stop any time you are uncomfortable or feel you are being considered as a suspect. Or you can simply stop answering until your lawyer arrives.

Attorney Meeting

You have a right to speak to an attorney privately before you answer any questions by the police or anybody else. You also don’t have to sign anything without the advice or counsel of an attorney by your side. Also, you have the right to a court-appointed attorney if your crime could result in jail time. This is at no cost to you, but it can be an invaluable resource depending on the situation.

Phone Call

We’ve all seen TV show arrests. Ocean City MD attorneys want you to know that there is some truth to these portrayals. For instance, an arrestee does have the right to contact one person to tell them about the arrest and the charges. Many times, you can call more than one person if necessary.



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