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Your Accident Attorney Atlanta Professional Discusses Types of Distracted Driving

When discussing distracted driving, most people think about talking on cell phones and texting. While those are some of the most common forms of distracted driving, there are several other ways you could be distracting yourself by paying less attention to the road ahead. Your accident attorney Atlanta professional discusses several other forms of distracted driving that you may have engaged in from time to time.

How many times have you had to reach behind your seat to try to control your children in the backseat? Or have you ever had to watch them in the rearview mirror while you’re driving? This is a major distraction that can lead to bad accidents. Children can also cause accidents by yelling things they shouldn’t, such as “Stop!” or “Watch out!” If you are going to drive with your children in the car, try to find a way to entertain them beforehand so they don’t become a dangerous distraction on the road.

We don’t want to think of eating as being a distraction, but it can be if you’re not careful. Taking your eyes off the road for a second to prepare your hamburger or to reach for your fries is all it takes to get into an accident. In addition to that, you also have the danger of spilling something. This usually elicits an immediate response of trying to clean it up. If you’re going to eat, pull over for a few minutes and take a break from driving. It’s better to take a few extra minutes to be safe instead of taking the chance of having an accident.

Tired drivers are just as dangerous as drivers who are trying to text on their cell phones, according to some reports. If you are tired, you are in danger of falling asleep at the wheel, especially if you are alone in the car and you are on a long stretch of highway. If you’ve been driving for hours and you feel yourself drifting off, pull over in a safe parking lot somewhere and get a couple hours of sleep. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your trip.

Another distraction behind the wheel, although less common, is reading. Your accident attorney Atlanta professional urges you to pull off to the side of the road if you are trying to read a map or get directions to your destination. Never try to read while operating your vehicle even if you think you can keep your eyes on the road at the same time.

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