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Worn-Out Furnace? Call a Heating Contractor in Green Bay, WI

Heating a home efficiently is very important during frigid Wisconsin winters. To achieve that goal, the furnace must be sized and designed properly for the home. Then it must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Homeowners can rely on a licensed Heating Contractor Green Bay WI company to help them with these tasks.

Many homeowners try and save money when they install a heating system by having only one zone. As the heat rises, the bedrooms can overheat and the basement can always be cold. Having zones allows the bedroom thermostats to be turned down, so it’s comfortable to sleep. Homeowners don’t waste heat where it isn’t needed. Internet thermostats let a homeowner turn down the heat during the day when they aren’t at home. Then they can use their smart phone to turn the heat up a bit, before they leave work to go home.

Furnaces come with warranties, but they have to be maintained properly to protect the warranties. Every fall before the peak heating season arrives a Heating Contractor Green Bay WI technician should inspect and clean the system. They should look for valves and hoses showing their age and replace them. The air filters should also be replaced if it’s disposable or cleaned if it’s permanent. A clean air filter improves the home’s air quality by reducing allergens, mold and mildew.

Homeowners should develop a long-term relationship with a heating contractor. If the furnace seizes on a cold night, it can be difficult to find a heating contractor to fix it unless they maintain the system. That can lead to a frozen house and burst pipes. Most heating companies have maintenance clubs. For a small annual fee homeowners receive free annual tune-up. They are also given priority on the appointment schedule. Usually they receive up to a 20 percent discount on parts. The membership fee is transferable if they move to another home.

This arrangement really provides the homeowner with peace of mind. The know if they have a problem, that someone they know will arrive to fix their furnace. It can be very scary for a woman alone at home with children to have a stranger in the basement in the middle of the night.


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