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Why Take your Pet to the Animal Hospital?

One of the worst things about keeping a pet is watching your dog or cat suffer when it is sick. Animals are totally at the mercy of their owners when they get ill and need immediate attention and care if it looks sick or acts strangely. Keep the emergency phone number of your local animal hospital always at hand.

Your dog is susceptible to a number of diseases like cancer, liver, heart and kidney disease, arthritis, dermatitis, diabetes and obesity. Puppies are prone to canine distemper and should be vaccinated before the pup reaches the susceptible age of 3-12 months. It is a fatal and highly contagious disease from which your new puppy should be protected. Your dog should ideally receive vaccinations at the animal hospital or veterinarian for the following diseases: distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza and rabies.
Before your dog gets vaccinated at the animal hospital or veterinary clinic, make sure you follow some basic guidelines to preserve the health of your animal:

1. the dog should be in healthy condition

2. the animal should undergo thorough deworming and deticking

3. preferably carry out the procedure in the early morning or late evening

4. the dog should be allowed to rest with no stressful exercise over the following three days

5. do not give the dog a bath a day before and three days after a vaccination

6. give your dog only light meals three days after the vaccination

A well equipped animal hospital should have all the necessary lab equipment to investigate and diagnose your animal for any ailment. Your animal can undergo simple and complicated surgeries from a trained veterinary surgeon for any serious complaints and also have dental treatment.

As a pet owner you have to ensure your dog gets proper nutrition and exercise to keep healthy. Feeding the animal the wrong kind of food gives the dog urinary tract diseases, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even food allergies. If your dog vomits a lot, gets frequent diarrhea, exhibits hair loss and loses the gloss to its coat, it might have a food allergy or intolerance to what you feed it. The most common sources of food allergy are protein sources. If the meat that you are feeding it does not suit the dog, change the protein source to an alternative. Visit your veterinary for more information. You can have a professional to examine your dog at the animal hospital. Crofton residents can find trained professionals at their local veterinary center to examine their sick pets and get animals vaccinated.

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