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Why More Families Choose a Saltwater Pool in Indianapolis IN

If you are planning to live in your Indianapolis home for the long term, then a swimming pool is one of the most valuable home improvements you can make. Homeowners who simply want to boost the value of their property so that they can sell it for a hefty profit will choose an alternative home improvement project. However, a family who is committed to staying in their current home will appreciate the years of enjoyment that an In Ground Swimming Pool can provide.

An in-ground swimming pool requires a lot of maintenance, but it’s well worth it. During late spring and all summer when it’s pool season, you will probably spend several minutes every day skimming and cleaning the pool. However, this amount of time is little in comparison to the hours of recreation and quality time that your family will spend together in the pool. A growing trend is to choose a Saltwater Pool Indianapolis IN. This eliminates the need for adding chlorine directly to the pool to keep it sanitized.

Although you don’t add chlorine directly to a saltwater pool, the water is still technically chlorinated. What’s different is the process by which the water is chlorinated. Instead of placing a chlorine tablet in a floater and letting the tablet dissolve and disperse into the water, you pour salt into the pool. The salt, which we know is sodium chloride, passes through a chlorine generator. The chlorine generator uses the process of electrolysis to split the sodium chloride into sodium and chlorine.

There are many benefits associated with a Saltwater Pool Indianapolis IN. Salt is more economical than chlorine as a pool additive. Since no chlorine is added directly to the pool, swimmers avoid the harsh and irritating feel of chlorine on the skin and in the eyes. They also avoid the unpleasant odor of chlorine. A lack of added chemicals means that saltwater pools are healthier for both people and the environment. Saltwater pools make swimming more fun, too, since it’s easier to float in saltwater. Across the country, most new pools are saltwater pools, so expect to see more families choosing saltwater pools in the Indianapolis area as well.

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