Why Hire an Insured and Licensed Electrician?

If you plan to start a home renovation or improvement project, you need trained workers and craftsmen for the job. Most home owners would opt to hire a contractor for the work. Before you hire the electrician or carpenter offering the cheapest rates, there are some things a property owner should keep in mind.

The electrician, carpenter, plumber or other skilled worker should have general liability insurance. Regardless of the size or nature of the work, even if you employ one worker for a project, they should be insured. Unless the contractors are insured, the property owner is liable for any injury that may occur to these workers on your property. Workers compensation insurance is another form of insurance that is mandatory for all contractors who employ one or more workers. Before hiring the contractor for your home renovation, ask about the general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

The property owners must verify with the contractors that they are licensed. The contractors must be able to produce two types of licensing: contractors’ business license and trade license. Contractors’ business license should be current and valid. If your contractors are not licensed, you have no legal recourse if they damage or destroy your home during the course of their work. Unless your contractors are able to produce this license, you should not hire them.

A trade license is required for larger projects like an electrical or plumbing upgrade. The electrician or plumber must be able to pull country permits before such projects. If the electrician or plumber is unable to pull permits before the work starts or county inspections after the work is complete, there is a possibility that the electrician or plumbing contractor does not possess a trade license.

When you hire professionals for any job, big or small, in your home, insist on licensed, bonded and fully insured professionals. By hiring licensed, bonded and insured contractors you protect your home from inferior and subpar work. You also ensure that you are not liable for any accidents that cause physical injury to workers on your property. In addition, you are not legally responsible for any lost pay caused by a work injury suffered by workers working in your home. Besides, you can take legal action if the contractors cause large scale damages to your property.

Your family’s safety and security are of paramount importance to you. Ensure that their safety is not compromised by hiring inferior workers on your property. If you need to hire workers for a home improvement, always hire a licensed and insured plumber or electrician. Carmel home owners can rely on experienced local contractors that ensure protection and safety.

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Licensed Electrician?
Licensed Electrician?

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