Why Dive Trips in Key Largo are the High Point of a South Florida Vacation

A trip to Key Largo, Florida is a great way to enjoy a tropical paradise without leaving the United States. As might be expected, many of the area’s attractions center on the ocean and what’s in it. Once outside of the water, you can enjoy beautiful beaches and other seaside locations. Of course, Key Largo has plenty of great hotels and restaurants as well because it is a well-known tourist destination.

Swimming and boating are fun activities, but some of the most exciting things about Key Largo’s water are under the surface. Therefore, dive trips Key Largo are highly recommended. These trips can bring you close to the fish, reefs, and even old shipwrecks. Each underwater area has its own unique environment and points of interest, so it’s a good idea to check out more than one. Dive tour operators will let you know about any restrictions that are in place so that the local environment is unharmed by your presence.

On land, there are plenty of things to see once you decide to stop swimming for the day. Check out the Key Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site to see local trees, shallow-water wildlife, and have an enjoyable picnic. This site is very unique because it was originally intended to be a large development. Now, the man-made aspects are being reclaimed by nature -; but in this case, the nature is well marked so you know what everything is. Another good land destination is the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center. There, you will not only see birds in various stages of rehabilitation; you’ll also spot plenty of migratory birds that stop by. Reviewers say that you should wear plenty of Off or even use mosquito netting while visiting, but other than that, it’s a beautiful place.

These are just a few of the things you can do in Key Largo. When you go, definitely make sure to schedule several dive trips Key Largo instead of sticking to the land. After all, many of the sights here are underwater. Then, once you’ve seen everything that’s in the ocean, tour the surface to see the rest of the wildlife. Finally, relax and spend some time in one of the great hotels so you have plenty of energy for the next day’s fun.

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