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Why Consider The Importance of Non-Toxic Mattress in Arizona When Buying Organic Bedding

The benefits of organic bedding are many including a restful sleep free of exposure to the toxins and chemicals added in order to comply with flame retardant safety standards. Organic options help to avoid ailments caused by the exposure to these unnatural additives. The amount of hours spent in bed is staggering when considering the time spent allows for the absorption of flame retardant toxins and chemicals.

Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether is such a chemical used by manufacturers to meet the flame retardant standards required by law. This law also protects manufacturers from disclosing said chemicals, the amounts used and the associated risk. PBDE and other chemicals like it, now banned in some countries, have been linked to an alarming number of very undesirable yet avoidable diseases.

Related health concerns linked to flame retardant chemicals are; asthma, allergies, hormone imbalance, fertility issues, sperm mobility and even autism in sensitive individuals. Furthermore, metal mattress springs contribute to another health concern identified as electromagnetic radiation.

These threats not only affect the health of adults but that of children and their growth and development. Chemicals added to bedding are absorbed through the skin and inhaled while breathing during sleeping hours. The accumulated time adds up to more chemical exposure than can safely be endured by the human body. Opting out of the chemically treated bedding for Non-Toxic Mattress in Arizona is an easy fix to the chemical problem.

Organic solutions include organic wool, cotton and latex. Wool is naturally flame retardant, repels water and is resistant to mold and bacteria. Organic cotton and latex are suitable materials for safe and quality bedding. Organic latex offers support and stability eliminating the need for springs. Latex also aids in temperature control and is resistant to dust mites and mold, two major allergens offending most allergy sufferers.

A good night’s rest free of chemical and toxic exposure provides a peaceful and healing sleep that reaps the many benefits of a healthy sleep pattern. Organic Living Home of Eco Clean Solutions offers Non-Toxic Mattress Arizona bedding free of toxins all while providing the optimal environment for much needed healthy sleep, visit the website for complete facts and details.

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