Why Chevrolet Dealerships are attracting more American consumers

Chevrolet is a 100 year old company that still enjoys the adoration of the American public. Founded in 1911, by William C. Durant and Swiss-born race car driver Louis Chevrolet, the company was founded as the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. The storied bowtie logo was reportedly inspired by wallpaper in a Parisian hotel room that Durant had once stayed in. Chevrolet profitability had so prospered that by 1918, Durant, who had once been cast out of General Motors, had enough resources to purchase enough GM shares to regain control. Chevrolet became one of GMs divisions and was its largest volume division by the mid 1920s.

Over the years this company has produced some stylish, iconic designs that still arouse admiration and respect. The Bel Air model, Camaro, Malibu, Caprice, Chevette and Vega are models that were popular in their time. The new Volt is a new member to the Chevrolet range that signals Chevrolets foray into small and midsize segments in a major way. Recently named motor trend car of the year for 2011, this car has received awards and accolades for its innovative design, fuel efficiency and attention to detailing. With its impressive range of vehicles from subcompact hatchbacks to pickup vans and SUVs, Chevrolet dealerships have something to suit your needs and budget. The growing popularity of Chevy has been demonstrated by the choice of two Chevy models for prestigious awards for motor trend car of the year and truck of the year (2011). The Chevrolet Volt was chosen 2011 motor trend car of the year and the Chevrolet Silverado was chosen truck of the year (2011). The Chevrolet Silverado had earlier been thrice conferred this respected title for earlier versions of the truck.

Among the mid size family sedans, one of the most popular cars available at your Chevrolet dealerships would be the Chevrolet Malibu. The car boasts strong V, economic inline-4, a fine ride and balance, quiet cabin and has high safety records. Among the downside to this model are the less than spacious rear seats, irregularities in the quality of the cabin materials and the fact it lacks some of the competitive features of its peers. Peers in this segment are the Honda Accord, Chrysler 300, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion among others. Pre-owned Chevy cars are widely available and popular rides for American drivers. To find the right model/type or price range for your needs visit your local Chevrolet dealerships. San Antonio residents will find a wide range of new and pre-owned cars in top-notch condition at the local dealers.

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