Why Aluminum Is the Second Most Used Metal in the United States

Aluminum is well known for being the second highest used metal in the U.S. It has a multitude of purposes, and is used for many different types of things that require a thermal barrier and high heat resistance. It is one of the cheapest metals on the market as well, which is why it is so heavily used across many sectors. The possibilities for its use are continually being explored, but it can be used for just about anything. While most foil is made with aluminum alone, other metals can be added to give it different properties as well. Aluminum is commonly used in manufacturing processes to make many different things, including cooking utensils, beverage cans, décor, industrial machinery, and other things where durability and heat resistance are needed with the processes.

The Properties of Aluminum

When you need something tougher and larger than thin roll foil, aluminum can even be forged into sheet metal. This means that it can be crafted to any specification on demand. It is hot rolled to create its desired thickness, and then cut using heavy duty machinery and an oil lubricant to obtain the right shape or dimensions. Aluminum sheets are known for being incredibly lightweight, so they are widely used by many aircraft companies to ensure that the correct altitude can be acquired in proportion to the metal weight. Contrary to popular belief, the purest forms of aluminum, such as aluminum sheet 1000 series metals are actually weaker, even though they have a 99% purity standard. Aluminum sheets can be strengthened with steel or other alloys to create a heavier alternative, but aluminum sheets are widely used because of their lightweight structure and great resistance to corrosion.

What Are Aluminum Sheet Metals Used For?

Aluminum sheet metals can be used for just about anything. Although you can strengthen aluminum with other metals, this may lower the corrosive rating. This is why substances such as the alloy 1100 are used for chemical storage cabinets and scientific processes that require high corrosion resistance. Aluminum sheet metal can be molded to any shape or consistency, so many engineering companies order it in custom cut sizes, to give them maximum efficiency in what they do. From food cooking and storage purposes to high tech industrial processes, aluminum is one of the most versatile metals in existence. Contact Metalmen, to get your quality aluminum 1100 supplies.

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