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Wholesale Tortillas for Connecticut Restaurants

Mexican restaurants go through a huge number of tortillas in the course of business since nearly everything on the menu uses one kind of tortilla or another. While it may not be difficult to make tortillas from scratch, to have to make so many each day can be overwhelming. The wiser choice is to buy Wholesale Tortillas.

Not only does it make sense because of the large number needed, but also because the restaurant can offer a larger variety than they could if they made them all themselves. Mexican chefs will delight in being able to match up the ideal tortilla for each menu item. Here are a few options:

Different Sizes:

Wholesale Tortillas Connecticut

restaurants can use range from small 4 inch tortillas to extra large 14 inch ones. The tiny ones can be used for appetizers for example while leaving the large ones for extra large burritos. Having a wide range makes it easy to control costs of a dish by matching the right size for each one.

Corn and Flour: Being able to choose different types is also helpful so that the right flavor for a menu item is accomplished. For example, one dish calls for a flour tortilla where another is better with a corn tortilla.

Colors and Flavors: Unique colors and flavors can set a restaurant apart from its competition. Choices such as tomato, salsa, spinach and chipotle can be all be used when making a rainbow of tortilla chips. Unique flavors can make for unique menu options as well. One idea is using a sweet flavored tortilla such as cinnamon when making a special dessert.

Variety is a beautiful thing when it comes to pleasing restaurant diners and by obtaining fresh Wholesale Tortillas Connecticut restaurants are able to meet this goal quite easily. Not using a lot of labor hours on making these from scratch leaves chefs free to create fantastic dishes. They may even surprise themselves at what they can create. This is a win-win-win situation for the restaurant owner because it makes for a happy chef, a happy customer and higher profits for the owner!

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