When you will need a divorce lawyer

There are many times when, for whatever reason, a marriage simply doesn’t work out and the couple decides to seek a divorce. Once this decision has been made, each spouse will need to seek the assistance of a divorce lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA.

The law in total is far too complex for any one individual to be able to it or client’s justice so lawyers have a tendency to specialize in one area of law. A divorce lawyer is one who practices family law; family law focuses on divorce and annulment as well as adoption and wills. To make sure all their rights within the law are protected, couples seeking legal separation are advised to retain a lawyer who is intimate with these matters.
Regardless of what area of law a law student eventually migrates towards, all law studies are the same. Once the student as graduated from law school and passed the bar exams, the successful candidate is free to practice law. It is at this time the young lawyer will seek employment with a law firm which handles family matters, gaining experience.

When a divorce lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA is first approached by a client, the first order of the day is to draw up the divorce papers of which there are many. In the event the parties to the divorce are amicable they will often uses the services of a single lawyer but when the divorce is contentious both parties will need their own legal counsel. The lawyer of the party seeking the divorce is responsible for drafting the petition for dissolution of the marriage and seeing to it that it is delivered to the other party.

One of the primary elements of being a divorce lawyer is the moderation of a settlement once the parties have decided to dissolve their marriage. A goodly part of the final settlement will have to do with a division of mutual assets, details on child custody and visitation and child support and alimony. If there was a pre-nuptial agreement, the divorce attorney will see that it is followed and enforced.

If the issues cannot be settled between the couple and their lawyers, the lawyers will represent their clients in family court.

Daniel W. Willems is a divorce lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA. Should you be contemplation such action and need a lawyer to help with your divorce visit willems law office.

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