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When You Need Tree Removal in Glen Allen, VA

According to Angie’s List, healthy trees can add as much as 15 percent to the value of your property. Trees can live for decades and sometimes centuries, so they become beloved landmarks through generations. The decision to get tree removal Glen Allen VA is one that many homeowners will gladly put off until disaster strikes. However, in some cases, removing a tree can help prevent disasters.

How Much is Dead?

Trees can survive severe damage, such as the loss of a limb. Removing the dead parts can help the remaining parts of the tree survive. If a tree is more than 50 percent dead, then the chances of the rest of the tree soon dying is high. It’s best to get a professional tree service Glen Allen VA to inspect the tree to see how much of the tree is still alive.

Where Is the Tree Located?

If the tree falls, where will it land? On your house? Will it topple a power line? Could it crush your neighbor’s house? Or will it fall in the middle of nowhere? If your tree can damage lives or property when it falls, then do not tempt fate. Contact a professional tree surgeon and have it removed.

Do You Have a Rare Tree?

All trees are special, but some are arguably more special than others. Trees that are rare species should be preserved if and when possible. Talk to your tree trimming Glen Allen VA service to see if the tree can be saved.

Is the Tree Infested with Insects?

The presence of many insects in the wood of the tree and not just underneath the bark is a bad sign. Insects are like cancer. Their presence in a central part of the tree severely compromises the tree’s chance of survival. Termites are the worst insects to see in your trees as they have colonies that can number into the millions. Termites can eat the tree and then infest your home, fencing or outbuildings.

Has the Tree Been Ringed?

A tree has been ringed when the bark has been stripped from all around the surface area of the trunk. This is done by hungry animals in winter such as squirrels. Ringed trees should be removed.

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