When You Need a Call a Roofer for Fire Damage in Madison

Your roof can have fire damage even if your home has never been on fire. Any fire that happened close to your home, such as tree fire or a fire at your neighbor’s home can cause fire damage to your roof and other parts of your home. This is why it is so important to get an annual roof inspection. Your roofer looks for other damage and Fire Damage or elsewhere.

Fire in the Neighborhood

If you have had a major fire on your property, such as in an outbuilding or in the yard (except for burning leaves) then you should get your roof inspected for fire damage. If the neighbor’s home or property suffered a major fire, the heat could be so intense that it affected your home.

Presence of Scorch Marks

Intense heat causes dark scorch marks or other noticeable discolorations on the roof or inside of the attic. If you cannot get onto your roof, check in your attic or crawlspace. Get a strong flashlight to check for scorch marks, especially along any wooden beams and the joins. Move junk out of the way if you have to in order to better check out these beams.

If Your Attic Gets Intensely Hot

If it’s like an oven in your attic and crawlspace, the heat could damage your roof in a way similar to fire damage. Plywood ignites at only 150 degrees F. This temperature is often reached in attics and crawl spaces during summer months. This constant baking heat can weaken the roof and even melt shingles.

If It’s Been Years Since Your Roof Was Inspected

Roofs should be checked once a year for damage. However, most homeowners put off this necessary chore until there is a leak or other problem with the roof. Some homeowners do not own a ladder. Some have mobility issues which can make them not able to walk up a ladder safely. If it has been years since your roof has been inspected, do not put it off any longer. Call a roofer and get it inspected. An inspection costs much less than a total roof replacement.

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