When to Seek Septic Tank Service Westchester County NY

For a house that is not set up on a city water system, all the wastewater flows into a septic tank. With most homeowners, they only seek Septic Tank Service Westchester County NY, when there is a problem. Problems are prevented if regular maintenance is performed following the recommended service schedule. The recommendation is to have the septic tank pumped every three to five years, with three being the most recommended. A garbage disposal system increase the amount of solid waste in the septic tank, and it should be emptied every year. Without maintenance, the drain field can become plugged and ground water can be contaminated.

The most common sign of trouble is the smell of sewage outside or inside the house, and it signifies an issue with the tank. This is just one sign of many for the need of Septic Tank Service Westchester County NY. Slow drainage in sinks or toilets may signify a full septic tank, and immediate pumping is needed to prevent backup and clogging of the drain field. Even if the odor is not present, standing water in the drain field or yard is another sign of an overfilled septic tank. Since septic tanks often do not show signs of problems until it is already too late ground water may become contaminated. Well water should be tested after a septic tank backs up to make sure there are no bacteria in the water.

Water conservation helps prevent the med for pumping on a more often basis. Simple things like fixing leaking sinks, and install low flow water fixtures help lessen the amount of wastewater going into the septic tank. It is also important not to overload a septic tank system by running showers, dishwashers, and washing machines at the same time. Garbage disposal increase the sludge layer is a septic tank upping the need for Septic Tank Service Westchester County NY from three years to every year.

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