When Seeking Veneers Southfield Patients Should Begin With a Consultation

A dental veneer is a thin covering adhered to the front of a tooth, either to improve the appearance of the tooth or to cover damaged enamel. Dental veneers can only be applied by an experienced cosmetic dentist. When a patient needs Veneers Southfield dentists often have the ability to apply them within their own office, having had experience doing so, or will refer patients to another office for the application.

When evaluating patients for Veneers Southfield will determine if a single veneer on a single tooth will resolve any cosmetic issues, or if multiple teeth require treatment. There are many indications that lead to the dentists recommendation. For example, seriously discolored or cracked teeth that are sound at the roots can be resolved to a patient’s satisfaction with cosmetic veneers. However, teeth that are compromised by decay or other damage should not be covered with veneers until other issues have been resolved.

When seeking Veneers Southfield patients generally begin the process with a consultation appointment. The dentist will complete a thorough examination and review any x-rays made available or on file. If recent x-rays are not available, the dentist will take them in the office. It is crucial that any underlying dental issues are identified before applying veneers, so the consultative exam is one of the most important parts of the process. The application of veneers can correct a wide range of aesthetic issues. For example, patients with widely spaced or small teeth can see the gaps closed with veneers that extend the width of each tooth. Those with short, worn down teeth can see their teeth lengthened.

Once all issues have been resolved, the process of applying the veneers is relatively simple. Modern applications of veneers generally remain in place for decades because of advances in adhesive processes. So, dental veneers are definitely a long-term solution. Generally constructed of porcelain, veneers are durable and requrie little if any special care from the patient for the duration of the application.

When seeking Veneers Southfield patients should begin the process by speaking with their regular dentists and evaluating how this type of cosmetic treatment can improve their dental function and self-confidence.

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