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When Do You Need Replacement Windows?

Replacing windows is a task that many homeowners put off longer than they safely should. The good news is that in most cases homeowners have time to compare the estimates of several contractors before a window completely falls apart. Since replacing windows is a big investment in your home, how can you tell when you need Replacement Windows Chesterfield?

Sharp Increase in Energy Bills

Good windows act as insulation for your home, keeping in heat or air conditioning and not letting it escape. If your energy bills suddenly increase, check your windows. They could be the culprit. New Replacement Windows Chesterfield winds up paying for themselves over time in lowered heating and cooling bills.

Problems Opening or Closing Windows

If it’s getting harder and harder to open or close your windows, they need replacing. Lubricants will not help a window that no longer fits in its frame. Eventually, the windows will become so warped that they get permanently stuck in whatever position they are in and nothing short of a sledgehammer will move them.

Windows Let in Moisture

If you see water stains beneath your window, then it’s leaking. Very early in the morning, check your windows for condensation. If you can feel this on the inside of the window, it’s time to replace it.

Fails the Breeze Test

Think you feel a draft coming from your windows but aren’t sure? Light a candle on a windy day and take it to the window. Hold it near the window’s edge. Do not have your face near the flame because your breath could disturb the flame. If the candle’s flame wavers considerably or even goes out, then the windows are letting in a substantial draft and need replacement.

Fails the Flashlight Test

Turn the lights out in the room with the questionable windows. Have someone take a flashlight and shine it on the window frame edges. If you can see specks of light, then the window is not fitting properly and needs replacing with Energy View Windows or something similar.

Outside Sounds Getting Louder

If you think your neighbors are getting louder, it could be due to old windows warping and letting in sound from outside. Check your window frames for rot, crookedness or cracks.


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