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What to Look for in an Office Paper Shredder

There’s no denying that paper shredders are an incredibly useful component of any office environment. If your company regularly handles sensitive information, you need a way to dispose of it without the risk of such information falling into the wrong hands. For this particular need, you shouldn’t rely on anything less than a high quality shredder—but how do you go about finding the perfect model for your office? Here are a few important aspects to keep in mind.


This is perhaps one of the first and most important aspects to consider as you look for office paper shredders in Charleston, SC. How much do you and your team members expect to have to shred on a regular basis? If you typically have to dispose of large quantities of hard copy, it’s best to invest in a large model capable of holding sizable amounts of paper. On the other hand, if you don’t expect to have to shred so many documents, there are also smaller models available.


You can actually use a paper shredder to dispose of far more than paper! Some office paper shredders are capable of destroying harder materials, including credit and debit cards, staples and more. If you expect to have to have to destroy such materials, or generally will have to shred a high quantity of paper documents, you’ll want to invest in a powerful shredder. Its durability will help with your shredding needs, as well as increase the machine’s overall lifespan.

Type of Cut

Different office paper shredders produce vastly different cut styles. It’s up to you to decide which type is safest for the documents your office handles. The main types tend to be strip, cross-cut and micro-cut. A strip cut looks exactly as its name implies—paper shredded into thin lines. Cross-cut waste has a similar shape, but is smaller. Micro-cut is comparable in shape to confetti. Strip cut waste tends to be the least secure, and is better suited to less sensitive materials. Cross-cut is the most secure and the most efficient as far as waste basket space.

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