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What To Expect From AC Service

When you call upon AC service in Wall Township, NJ, and elsewhere, you may not exactly the procedure the technician will undertake in an attempt to evaluate and repair or replace your AC unit. Learn what to expect when you call upon AC service below.

Technician Will Ask You Questions About Your System

When the technician arrives, they will ask you questions about your system so they can attempt to evaluate what is potentially wrong with your system and how to correct those issues As a result, you should tell the technician what you have been experiencing with your system and why you believe you need AC service on your system.

Follow-Up Steps

After the technician learns what has been happening with your system, they will conduct several steps in an effort to alleviate any issues it is having. The technician will usually go to the thermostat, and then check all of the filters, drain lines, electrical lines, blower wheel, and basic indoor operation to see if the system is functioning.

The dashboard of the system unit will be removed so that the cooling coil can be removed, cleaned, and installed back into the unit, followed by the dashboard itself. The drain will be cleared, the filters will be checked and cleaned, the condensed fins will be cleaned of any dust and mold build-up, and the AC vents will be checked and cleaned to ensure that the vents are not blocked and that the cool air flow is coming through, the refrigerant charge will be provided if needed, and any residual gas from the main system itself will be removed.

Once all of these steps are taken, the technician will perform an overall inspection to ensure your system is working properly.

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