What to Expect During a First Visit to a Chiropractor in Saltillo, MS

by | Jun 1, 2015 | HealthCare

After spending a few weeks mulling over the idea, the patient decides the time has come to try the services of a Chiropractor in Saltillo MS. Since this is the first visit to this type of medical professional, there may be some questions about what to expect during that meeting. Here is some information that will help put the patient at ease and get the most from the visit.

Going Over Medical History

As with any medical professional, the Chiropractor in Saltillo MS, will be interested in the medical history of the individual. This is because many types of health conditions can produce the type of discomfort the patient is currently feeling and have some impact on the function of the nerves and muscles. By having access to that data, the professional will be in a better position to isolate the issue and determine what sort of adjustment would provide relief.

Discussing the Current Condition of the Patient

The reason that prompted the visit to the chiropractor will also receive a lot of attention. Identifying where the pain is located and what seems to cause it to increase will go a long way in helping the chiropractor know what to look for during the examination. During the exam, expect the professional to ask some other questions about things like the type of desk chair used at work, whether the patient tends to sit in an easy chair at home or stretch out on the couch, and even how long the patient has slept on the current mattress. This information can help identify factors that could be contributing to the pain.

The Adjustment

After the examination, the chiropractor is likely to perform what is known as an adjustment. Based on the results of the exam, the adjustment will be used to help bring the spine and neck into a natural alignment. This is important since that alignment will help to ease stress on the muscles and nerve endings. It is not unusual for a patient to notice a difference immediately. Keep in mind that subsequent adjustments will be needed as the body begins to once again learn what constitutes a proper alignment.

For people who want to explore non-invasive ways to ease body aches and pains, call the Chiropractic Care Center in Saltillo MS, today. After that first visit, the patient will feel the difference and want to come back for more treatments.

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