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What To Do If Your Mirror Breaks

Losing a mirror can be heart wrenching on many levels. First off, losing a mirror in your bathroom may leave you both bemoaning its fate and dreading the purchase of a new mirror. If you’re superstitious, you might stew over what bad luck is going to try to find its way to you. If you can head off the situation before the mirror even breaks, it could save you a lot of that heartache and process of finding a new mirror. One simple option you may have with damaged mirrors is mirror repairs in Indianapolis IN.
If you happen to notice a certain scratch or chip in your mirror, this is probably the idea time to perform some mirror repairs in Indianapolis IN. Although you might not think of your mirror like your car, a chip or crack that is left unrepaired may spread from certain types of impact on the glass. Although you might not think that there is a lot of impact that occurs with a mirror in the bathroom, it might surprise you how much you actually touch it. Cleaning it alone could provide enough impact to spread a crack or break the mirror entirely.

If your mirror does break, you should be extremely careful. If you are in the room when it breaks, you should take care of yourself first. If the glass shattered everywhere, you will need to make sure there isn’t any glass on you. If you will be sweeping up the glass off of the floor, wear shoes to protect your feet. Once you sweep all of the glass up, it can be wise to mope the area to try to pick up any tiny stray pieces of glass, and then sweep again. You may also want to change clothes if any glass fell on you.

Framed mirrors may still have the frame intact after breaking. If so, you may be able to simply replace the glass. If your mirror did not shatter entirely, then it may still be able to be fixed. One of the best ways to know if your mirror is salvageable is to take it to someone who understands how to repair mirrors and glass.

While a mirror getting scratched, cracked, or broken can be devastating, you may have the option for certain mirror repairs in Indianapolis IN. If your mirror does break into small pieces, take care when cleaning it up. If it is still relatively intact, you might find out more about how repairs can benefit you. It might save you from having to purchase an entirely new mirror.

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