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What To Do If You Start Having Vision Problems

If you have to squint your eyes in order to see objects in front of you or if you have trouble reading words in a book, you may want to get your eyes checked out by an optometrist in Kapolei HI. Many people put off going to see the eye doctor because they simply refuse to believe they need glasses. But glasses are not the only way your vision can be improved. With advances in technology, there are more ways than ever to regain near perfect vision and to never have to squint or strain your eyes again.

As we get older, naturally our eyesight starts to get worse. But for many people, age is not the only factor. Even children can have problems with their vision. That’s why it’s important for the entire family to have an eye exam at least once a year. Not being able to see clearly can be a hazard. You may trip over things in front of you and driving is especially difficult at night for those with vision problems. Children with poor eyesight may have trouble seeing a chalkboard or reading their books so they might fall behind at school. That’s why it’s important to not put off seeing an optometrist.

There are a couple different vision problems that an optometrist may diagnose you with. A few simple eye tests will reveal what is wrong with your vision. For example, if you can see things close up but have problems seeing things that are at a distance, you may be nearsighted. If you strain your eyes to see objects that are right in front of you but are able to see far away objects just fine, you are probably farsighted. If everything looks blurry no matter where they are, you likely have astigmatism.

Once an eye exam is given and it is determined that you do need glasses, a doctor will write you a prescription that will need to be given to an optician. The optician will read the prescription and be able to tell the strength of lenses you will need in order to be able to see clearly. If you do not want glasses, you can also talk to the optician about contact lenses. For those who don’t want to wear contacts or glasses, there are eye corrective surgeries that you may be a good candidate for. Your optometrist in Kapolei HI can refer you to an opthamologist who will tell you more about laser corrective eye surgery.

Make sure you get an eye exam yearly in case you need to increase the strength of your glasses or contacts.

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