What Services Custom Metal Fabricators Offer

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Metal Fabrication

In today’s manufacturing sector, demand for uniqueness and technological changes are important factors. They are driving companies to differentiate themselves in some way from their competitors. Another factor is the constant demand for new and innovative solutions to various problems affecting product size, shape, operation, environmental degradation, sustainability and similar factors. A standard component no longer fits the bill every time. This partially explains why custom metal fabricators are in demand.

Custom Fabrication Services

Like the intent and the specifications, custom fabrication services are not the same for all shops or their customers. All custom jobs do require some level of collaboration between the fabricator and its customer. However, the degree of interaction/relationship will vary according to the different services a company may want or need and those a fabrication shop offers. Consider the following types of services:

  • Design: Fabrication shops can work with customers to create a design. The shop may be in from the very beginning when the design is an engineer’s concept.
  • Fabrication: The shop can take the design project one-step further. They may take the design and do a feasibility study, producing a prototype to design specifications. They may also fabricate it, producing the design to specifications and run it off as a product/component.
  • Finishing: Alternatively, custom metal fabricators will look at a completed product. Their team of experts will analyze it and work with the customer to alter or improve the design and/or quality.

Custom shops will use a metal suitable to the goals of their customers – preferably ones their metalworkers excel in applying.

Custom Metal Fabricators

Metal fabrication is a challenging industry. It requires the skills and talent of diverse personnel to produce the best results swiftly and within budget. Applying this expertise to producing customized products is taking metal fabrication to another level. Arguably, for a shop to be competitive and retain an edge in this market, the only route is to become custom metal fabricators.

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