What Makes a Good Menu for a Restaurant in Chinatown

Chinatown is known worldwide for its fantastic and authentic cuisines. Many of the Chinese immigrants that came to the United States brought their old world recipes and cooking styles with them. These recipes and cooking styles have been passed down for generations with very little change. That is one of the things that makes the food at a San Francisco Chinatown restaurant so good.

Dim Sum

The first thing that should be on every menu at a San Francisco Chinatown restaurant is dim sum. This is listed under the appetizer section of the menu. These are small little steamed dumplings that are absolutely delicious. They can be filled with anything, but the most common thing to fill them up with is pork.

Szechuan Chicken

Another item that should always be on the menu of a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown is Szechuan chicken or beef. This is a spicy menu item that has intense flavors. It is also one of the more popular menu items. Tasting as it is authentically prepared is quite a treat.

Steamed Fish

A third item that should be on the menu is steamed fish. This is a popular cooking method throughout various regions of China. Each region incorporates its own flavors and additional methods to the cooking process.


Next would be a duck dish. This is the most popular fowl next to chicken. There are different methods that each region of China uses to cook the duck. One of the most flavorful ways is to smoke it with tea leaves.


Beef is also a popular meat in certain regions. This is especially true in the region of Mongolia. The most popular dish here is called the Mongolian beef. No Chinese menu is complete without having this on the menu. Mongolian beef and chicken is also a very popular Chinese dish among Americans.

These are the basic items that should be on every menu of a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Of course, each restaurant has their own unique items that they have, in addition to the regular menu items. An example might be clay pot dishes. The clay pot is a popular cooking method because the clay actually helps to make the food very moist. This leads to having very tender and delicate foods.


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