What is timber management?

Timber management is looking at the forest as a resource. This approach is somewhat different from those who see the forest as an ecosystem and as such take an environmentally friendly approach to forestry. Timber management fully understands the larger ecosystem that the forest is but a part of, but they see the forest as trees which can be harvested for timber. Few people know better the impact of poor forest management than those involved in timber management in Broome County NY. They fully understand that not all land will be harvested; they hold back reserves which in a sense aligns their thinking somewhat with those who are more concerned about the environment.

Timber management became a discipline when the United States realized that forests are a finite resource. When early European settlers began to arrive in the new world, there was about one billion acres of forest. As the settlers began to clear the trees for agricultural purposes, housing, ship building and as a fuel. By the middle of the 19th century about 250 million acres had already been felled and it became apparent that without management, the continent could actually be stripped clean of every forest.

Once the future had been recognized, timber management services in New York began in earnest; it became an important part of government policy as well as private owners. Today the US government own about 325 million acres of forested land which is strictly managed so that future generations will also have timber. There are about 430 million acres of forests that are privately held by anyone from a single individual to large forestry companies. The private forests are managed by the owners in whatever way meets their goals.

Many private companies practice SFI, sustainable forestry initiative. The SFI provides many rubrics which can be used by companies to gauge their timber management practices. The SFI sets down certain rules of thumb and a few guiding principles and establishes a standard on how forests should regenerate as they are being harvested. They point out areas which should not be cut and how other areas should only be culled and thinned.

The best timber management in Broome County NY is that which balances the needs of both the commercial demands and the demands of the environment. All Pro Able Tree Service Broome County NY provides affordable and quality timber management services to both residential and commercial customers.

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