What is the role of a wedding caterer?

A wedding caterer is a group of professionals who provide food and beverages to wedding receptions in Cincinnati OH. There are caterers who specialize in specific cuisines, often time’s ethnic as well as using specific venues. There are other caterers that offer food which has a wider taste appeal and rends to satisfy the needs of a wider cross section of clients. As a hybrid, there are wedding receptions in Cincinnati OH that are catered by both, depending on the ethnic mix of the guests. There are boutique caterers that only serve small, discrete parties as well as caterers who are supported by a large staff where there is literally no cap on the number of guests that can be served.

There are often distinct differences between a wedding caterer and a general caterer. These differences show up in the menus and the available services. For general catering, the menus are often limited and he relies heavily on the client to dictate the theme of the event. In many instances a general cater is not equipped to handle the theme decorations so the client is forced to find another company to provide that service. A wedding caterer on the other hand is much more sensitive to the needs of the bride and groom and does whatever he can to accommodate their wishes.

When planning wedding receptions in Cincinnati OH the cater must be very tactful and diplomatic. The couple may select items which do not combine well and are unappealing to the palate, he will attempt to explain this to them in the gentlest of ways and suggest combinations which are more compatible with one another. This is also true with the couple’s budget. Although they may have their heart set on a grand sit down affair, the caterer must explain that this is not feasible with the number of guests they are expecting and the budget they have.

Once the couple and the caterer have settled on a menu, the couple will be asked to taste test and agree. Usually at this time the couple will finalize their guest mementos, table settings and centerpieces. Once everything is settled the caterer and the couple enter into an agreement which also includes a date when no further changes may be made.

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