What is center pivot irrigation?

In an agricultural environment, crops are irrigated by Valley Irrigation in Hamilton, a method of delivering water to crops where large irrigation pipes rotate on a central pivot.nce the name center pivot irrigation. This method of irrigation causes large circular patterns to form in the fields; they can be seen from the air and are often photographed. Similar equipment performing the same basic function can move in a straight line rather than a circle, this type of system is called liner move irrigation.

Valley Irrigation in Hamilton manufacture their center pivot machines using sections of pipe, trusses that support the pipe and stop it from sagging and wheel towers which act as bogies for the many wheels that the long arm rides on. The pipe that spans from the center water source to the outermost reaches carries the individual sprinkler heads, of which there are any. Water is fed into the system in the core, the water can be piped to the field from a pond or lake or the water source can be a well.

The systems move in a circular pattern, the speed of rotation is set by the speed of the outermost wheels. There are inside wheels which are located between segments of pipe, the inner wheels all are fitted with sensors that determine when the wheels are to rotate and at what angle so the pipe segments are kept aligned. The wheels are driven by electric motors, however hydraulics can be used. Electricity to run the motors is fed through a slip ring which is mounted on the center pivot, through rotating copper rings and carbon brushes, the electricity is delivered constantly via cables that run along the arm.

A normal length for the arm of a Valley Irrigation in Hamilton system is 1,320 feet. This length will cover an area equivalent to 130 acres. Other lengths are available but rarely exceed 1,640 feet which is 500 meters. Systems usually are installed and they stay stationed at the same location.

The sprinkler setups on most center pivot irrigators are what are called drop systems. A drop system uses a “U” shaped pipe which is suspended from the main pipe. The sprinkler head is mounted on the “U” pipe and positioned so that they are just a little above the height of the crop being irrigated. In this way, evaporation is kept to a minimum.

Valley Irrigation in Hamilton is available from Aqua-Tec Irrigation, Inc. Valley have been providing some of the most precise center pivot and linear irrigators for over 50 years allowing for distribution of water, chemicals and fertilizer application.

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