What is a sewer clean-out?

A sewer clean-out provides access the main sewer line leading from your house to the sanitary sewer, this clean-out allows for sewer cleaning in Concord. Normally the sewer clean-out, which is little more than a capped pipe, can be found along the sewer lateral, which is the pipe connecting the house to the street. Any lateral clogs are the responsibility of the homeowner, there are also sewer clean-outs that are somewhat larger in diameter along the main sewer line, any clogs there are the responsibility of the municipality or the water and sewage company.

All the homes located on a property each have an independent clean-out, they are usually all located close to the road but still on the homeowners property. It is important that each homeowner know where his clean-out is located and it should be kept clear of obstacles should it be needed quickly. If there is a clog in the main drain leading from the house, Sewer Cleaning In Concord must be accomplished immediately as none of the fixtures can be used while there is a total blockage. Although most clean-outs are found outside, homes in very cold climates may have it installed in the basement so that it can be found even in the winter.

The cap on the clean-out usually has a square nut arrangement on the top; this allows the cap to be removed with any adjustable wrench. Once the cap has been removed, the drain can be cleared by the use of a plumbing snake or drain auger. This tool consists of a long section of coiled wire; it has a cranking handle on one end and a hook arrangement on the other. The hook is sent into the clean-out and the handle is turned which in turn forces the snake forward, eating away at the clog as it goes. Once the clog has been broken down, a free flow of sewage can start again.

One of the main reasons for a clog in the main line from the house to the street is tree roots. The roots of nearby trees are attracted to the sewer as it is a source of water for them, the roots break into the line and with debris coming down the line from the home; a clog starts. Having the drain cleaned annually is a good idea.e

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