What is a Pro-bono Divorce Lawyer in Pottstown PA?

Regardless of social status, people get divorced. For those couples that represent the low-income sector they will seek the services of a pro-bono divorce lawyer in Pottstown PA. A pro-bono divorce lawyer is a lawyer who will represent these clients and not charge a fee. Pro-bono is the Latin term which translates into “for the good, “the legal profession uses this term when a member provides his or her services at no charge. Even though the services are not being charged for, the level of professionalism is the same as the lawyer would provide a paying client. The attorney interviews and counsels his client, prepares all the necessary documentation including the petition for dissolution of the marriage and sees to the division of property and child custody and support.

Often, people from this sector seek a divorce due to physical domestic violence. Getting a divorce in the first place can be complex, it can be all the more so when domestic violence is included. The pro-bono divorce lawyer in Pottstown PA must know precisely how to advise a person suffering from physical violence as well as representing the individual accused of it. Because of the violence aspect, the lawyer will often file an emergency motion for a protective order which provides protection for the client. The lawyer will then introduce the victim to agencies that provide counseling and emergency shelter for the victim and the children.

During the initial interview with the client, the lawyer gathers all the information that will be required to file the petition. If, during the interview, the lawyer senses or finds out that the other spouse is hiding assets, he will conduct discovery to locate the hidden assets. Discovery is a legal process whereby the party to any lawsuit is mandated to divulge any information by answering questions posed by the lawyer and by providing copies of all pertinent documents requested. Discovery ensures that the client will receive the correct share of common assets and the any minor children will get the proper child support.

While the divorce is being processed, the divorce lawyer in Pottstown PA normally files a motion for interim support and custodial privileges for the minor children.

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