What Homeowners And Renters Need To Know About Maintaining Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing is a concern of both homeowners and renters. Although most renters don’t have to pay for plumbers themselves, it’s still good for them to know how to maintain plumbing and how to deal with minor problems. Homeowners can save money by keeping their plumbing in order. Knowing when to contact a good plumber is just as important as knowing how to maintain plumbing. In fact, it can be considered as part of proper plumbing maintenance. People who try to save money by doing complicated tasks themselves often end up doing more damage than good to their plumbing.

Maintenance of Residential Plumbing starts with knowing what should go down drains. Some people make the mistake of treating their drains and toilets like garbage disposals. They then act surprised when their drains get clogged. Grease will actually solidify inside of pipes, so pouring grease down any plumbing is always bad. People can easily avoid having problems with grease by keeping special containers around to hold kitchen grease. Using disposable wipes to clean greasy dishes will also help to keep it from causing clogging problems.

People should also know where their shutoff valves are positioned. Shutting off the water can mean the difference between hundreds of dollars worth of damage and no damage. If a leak happens, shutting off the water at the faucet may not be enough. Also, what if a handle breaks off and the flow of water can’t be controlled at the faucet? By the time a plumber arrives, ceilings and walls could already be damaged. There is usually a main shutoff valve to a building. In apartments, each unit usually has a shutoff valve inside of it. They can be behind panels in the walls. After the water has been shutoff, Drain Remedy Inc. or another plumbing contractor can be contacted to fix the problem.

Having a few of the right tools around can also help homeowners and renters. Plumbers are great for rectifying issues with minor blockages. If problems keep happening, a plumber should be contacted to look for a long-term solution. Wrenches can also be useful to homeowners and renters when dealing with pipes that need to be tightened.

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