What does a Rockland County Insurance Fraud Investigations Company Do to Prove or Disprove Fraud?

If an insurance company suspects false insurance claims are being filed by a person or person, the company may choose to call in a company offering insurance fraud Investigations Rockland County. The government and/or law enforcement may also request one or more investigators in this situation, but, no matter who requests this investigation, the goal remains the same. The investigator works to determine what happened, whether or not any laws were broken and, if so, who was responsible. Insurance fraud remains a problem across the globe and leads to billions of dollars lost which is why investigators now offer this service.

Often, a company offering insurance fraud Investigations Rockland County is called in when an insurance adjuster find something in a case he or she believes to be suspicious or discovers a situation which is clearly fraud. When the adjuster discovers this, he or she may choose to call in an investigator or turn the matter over to law enforcement. The investigator, when called in, performs surveillance for the client, consults experts, collects pertinent information and checks the credit of the person who filed the claim to determine if fraud has been committed.

Insurance fraud comes in many forms. An accident may be staged so the person filing the claim can collect money or paperwork may be forged for monetary gain. In some cases, two or more parties collude to defraud the insurer while other cases involve one or more persons lying about an insurance claim which has been filed. No matter what type of case is involved, the investigator works to uncover the facts as everyone is affected when fraud is committed. Not only is the insurance company harmed, its customers are too as their premiums go up as a result of this fraud.

Once the investigator finishes his or her work, if insurance fraud is found, the claim won’t be paid. In addition, the person filing the claim may be held legally responsible and find themselves in jail or subject to heavy fines. Anyone who suspects they are a victim of insurance fraud may wish to retain an investigator to determine if this is the case.

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