What Do Locksmiths Use Key Blanks For?

Key Blanks are one of the most important tools of the locksmith’s trade. These are keys that have not yet been cut to fit a particular lock. Today’s keys are fabricated using a complex geometry described by a code system. This process is known as bitting, and it indicates to a locksmith how to cut keys to make copies or replace those that have been lost. Many of these bitting sequences are the proprietary property of the original key maker, but a skilled locksmith should be able to duplicate or replace any basic key.

These blanks each have an individual profile to match specific keyways. A locksmith will take this blank and use it to create a new key, manufactured specifically for the lock in question. The blank will often then be stamped with a logo, phrase, or manufacturer’s name. Many key blank manufacturers restrict the sale of their blanks by creating only a small volume of each, making them less widely available. This is done to protect the integrity of your locks. Keys marked with “do not duplicate” can, in most states, still be legally copied by a professional locksmith. However, in some places, it is unlawful to replicate them if the original manufacturer’s name and number are stamped on the key. Even the Associated Locksmiths of America consider these stamps not to be valid, so don’t worry too much about it. If you need a copy made, bring it to a local locksmith and see what they can do.

If you need new keys made for a residential home, commercial business, personal vehicle, or other locks in Nassau county, you can visit Ablelockshop.com for more information. It is often a good idea to have duplicates made in advance. Your belongings are important, and the integrity of the locks that protect them must be upheld. But small objects like keys do sometimes get lost, and it can be nice to know that, if this should happen to you, you’ve got a backup plan. Nobody wants to be stuck sitting on their front porch waiting for the locksmith. A duplicate key can prevent this issue. Visit a trusted local locksmith to find out more about how Key Blanks are used to duplicate keys and keep your possessions secure. Follow them on Twitter for further news and updates!

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