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What Bail Bond Agents in Alameda County, CA Can Do For Clients

When a lot of people think of bail bondsmen, particularly in California, they conjure up in their minds the bounty hunters of the Old West who chased those who had skipped bail. The fact is, in today’s times, bounty hunters don’t go around killing those who skipped bail, and the laws in California are very strict about what bounty hunters can be hired to do. There are bail bond agents in Alameda County CA who actually would rather help their clients than chase them. Here are some things that bail bond agents can do to benefit clients.

How Bail Bond Agents Help Clients in California

The biggest advantage in using bail bonding services is the amount of money a defendant will have to pay to the bail bonding agent is much cheaper than what the person would have to pay the court system. The bail bonding agency typically charges the defendant seven to ten percent of the total amount of the bail. If the defendant fails to show up to court, the bail agency becomes responsible for the bond. This will help ensure to the courts that the defendant will show up for court lest the bailing agency hires someone to track the defendant down.

More on What Bail Bond Agents Can Do for Clients in California

While back in September of 2018, the state government elected to reduce the need for bail bonding agencies, there are many other advantages to using a bail bond company. The bail bond agent will typically remind the clients about scheduled court appointments in advance and sometimes will offer the client’s family comfort during the process. For those people whose finances are not sufficient to post bail, the bail bond agent is still probably the best route to go.

Calling a Bail Bond Company in California

Many agencies are spread throughout California to assist those defendants who will need to make bail. Angela Maxwell Bail Bonds is one such agency that helps defendants make bail in the Orange County and the Alameda County, California areas. If there are any defendants in need of bail bond agents in Alameda County CA, the agency is available. The agents advise interested parties to “Browse our website at”


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