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Weatherproofing Your Home While Budget-proofing Your Wallet

Regardless of where you live in the country, you’ve probably experienced severe weather in recent months. Whether the result of global warming or just extreme weather trends, the nation has been ravaged by everything from wildfires to tornadoes to flooding, resulting in a significant amount of damage to homes across the country. Many home owners find themselves waiting on insurance policies to cover this damage, which can be frustrating but also offers a prime opportunity to research changes to the home that can result in increased efficiency and lower energy bills. There are a number of techniques that can be used to weatherproof your home and reduce costs at the same time, and even using just one can have a major impact on your savings in no time.

According to several Replacement Windows St Louis experts, many home owners report seeing a drastic drop in heating and cooling costs after putting in energy efficient windows, and government research backs this up. Double-pane windows offer greater insulation against the elements and prevent energy loss by minimizing the escape of heated or cooled air. Some manufacturers inject argon gas in between the panes as added insulation; while costly, argon gas has been shown to improve the efficiency of double-pane glass, and that can translate to even more savings down the road. Another popular upgrade to improve overall home efficiency is to add extra insulation in crawlspaces, attics and other open areas. Having multiple open areas without adequate insulating material can contribute to energy loss and force you to spend even more to keep your home comfortable. Some older homes lack insulation all together, which means that adding it to your house can have a significant effect on the comfort of your home as well as the cost of heating and cooling it.

These two simple upgrades can deliver major results for your home’s efficiency as well as your bank account’s prosperity. If you’re waiting for your insurance provider to approve your claim and release funds from your policy, consider having an expert assess your home and the possibility of adding energy efficient windows and insulation. While it may initially be more expensive than standard options, you will more than recoup your investment over time.

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