Ways Dentists in Gig Harbor Can Be Sure You’re Pain-Free

Commonly, people only go to the dentist when necessary. Many people try to put off visiting a dentist when they have tooth pain. Root canal sounds scary, and if you’ve watched many movies you see someone who is having a root canal screaming from the pain. This is not the case any more. If you are having tooth pain, it’s best to visit the Dentists Gig Harbor as soon as possible, before the problem gets worse. There are many things that can be done now that can relieve your pain so you don’t have to be afraid of getting your teeth repaired.

The most common way to relieve pain while one of the Dentists In Gig Harbor works on your teeth is through a shot of Novocaine. This is a local anesthetic which effectively numbs the area where the dentist will be working. Once your dentist numbs your mouth with Novocaine, you won’t be able to feel anything in the area they are working. It numbs both the gums and the nerves in the teeth. Commonly, root canals are done using Novocaine so that you cannot feel the root canal being done at all.

If the Novocaine is not enough and you are still worried about feeling the pain, or if you can’t have Novocaine, your dentist may have nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, available for you. This will make you a bit loopy and will put you in a semi-sedate state. You will still be awake and able to talk to the dentist, but you will not feel a thing.

For those who have severe anxiety of visiting a dentist, the dentist may be able to sedate you. When you are sedated, you are usually completely asleep for the whole procedure. You will not feel a thing, and you will not be aware of what is going on. The sedation takes a while to wear off, so with this you are going to need a friend or family member to drive you home.

If you’ve been putting off going to the dentist for tooth pain because of fear, don’t wait any longer. Talk with Dentists Gig Harbor today and find out what options are available to you so that you can have your tooth repaired and have the tooth pain go away.

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