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For some, the idea of waxing is a very daunting idea and thought. Having never had a wax one might think it will hurt very much and the idea of that can be very off-putting. There are many types of waxing options you can choose from, for various parts of the body. Most women have a leg wax once in a while, to keep their legs sleek and smooth. Men often wax their chests or eye brows and many have their backs waxed, if they are particularly hairy.

Where can you Wax on and Wax Off

You can probably wax most of your body if you feel it is necessary. waxing in Omaha NE is a process involving hot wax—usually liquefied—placed on the hairy area. Then, the person applying the wax will place a smooth strip on top the waxed area and quickly rip the hair away from your body. Sounds quite traumatic to think of it in that fashion, but the process is actually extremely quick and you rarely feel anything other than a quick stinging feeling, which passes quickly. If the professional applying the wax is doing their job correctly, they should place their hand straight over the waxed area to smooth any sting immediately.

Regarding the facial area, you can wax your top lip, as many women do. You can also wax your chin, if needed and the eye brows or the gap between the eye brows. Further down the body you can have your underarms waxed to prevent armpit hair growing back too quickly. You can also have your back or chest waxed—as many men like to do—and you can have your arms waxed if you feel the need.

Further down again, there is the option of a Brazilian wax in the ‘bikini area’ or a ‘Sphinx wax’. You can also opt for whole leg waxing or just the part below your knees. Other areas that can be waxed and are usually included in the leg options is the knees and the toes. For those who live nearby, waxing in Omaha NE is available in most towns and you can call your local salon for prices and ideas of what they do. Most of them will tell you exactly what the process involves and you can choose which part you want to try it on first.

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