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Water Heater Repair in Columbus Will Keep You In Hot Water

Do you know where the water heater is in your home? You might be surprised to know how many people answer no to that question. The reasons is a simple one, most of the time the water heater does its job of providing you with a steady supply of hot water. When you stop getting hot water out of your faucets, you may have to go hunt down that hidden water heater to see if you can figure out why it stopped doing its job. This is probably a really good time to give The Favret Company a call. They are the experts in Water Heater Repair in Columbus.

To most people, the water heater’s operation is a mystery and this is why it is best to have a water heater repair in Columbus professional check out what is not working and fix it.

The most common problem problem that prevents the water heater from delivering hot water to the faucets is the thermostat that is connected to the heating element. When it stops working, there is a reset button that you can press and that may return it to its normal function. If that doesn’t work or if you are constantly having to use the reset button to get hot water, you probably need the thermostat replaced. This is a job for a pro because you first have to make sure that you get the right thermostat for your brand and model of water heater. Then you have to have special tools and knowledge to remove the old thermostat and install the new one.

While the thermostat is the most common cause of water heaters, it isn’t the only one that can cause problems. The Favret Company professional will inspect the entire water heater and find the exact problem. Most of the time they will be able to make repairs that will keep your water heater operating for a very long time. If a more extensive problem is discovered, you will be informed that you may need to start considering replacing the water heater. If this is the case, they will recommend which water heater would be the best for your home, then leave it up to you to make an informed decision. They can even give you an estimate of the cost of the new water heater and its installation.

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