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Waste Management in Denver CO: Recycling Hints and Tips

As the earth’s natural resources continue to disappear, it becomes more and more important to be vigilant about recycling common household waste like aluminum, paper and glass. You can take these materials to a certified recycling center in your area, or they can be picked up at your home by your local waste management Denver CO service. The tips below will help you to get your recyclable materials ready more efficiently. This will make the process easier and more convenient for everyone involved and can even lead to lower monthly costs for your Trash Removal Services Denver CO.


Most household accumulate a lot of aluminum waste, typically in the form of soda and beer cans. These can should be crushed before they’re stored so they take up the least amount of space possible. If you’re worried about the insects that can be attracted to sugary, sticky aluminum cans, try rinsing them out before you store them for recycling. This is a very effective way to control hungry bugs and pests.


Care should be taken not to break glass jars and containers before they’re recycled. If breakage occurs, shards of differently colored glasses may mix together and make the recycling process difficult or impossible. Glass containers should be rinsed clean before recycling, but you don’t have to worry about removing stuck-on labels. The recycling process will effectively remove these during processing.


Boxes and packaging can generate a lot of recyclable cardboard in most households. To maximize space, break down the cardboard so it’s flat. If there are other materials like packing peanuts or plastic wrapping in your cardboard, be sure to remove them. Also, you should keep your cardboard separate from other recyclables that may have been rinsed out to keep it from getting wet.


Most households have an abundance of paper waste that is very easy to recycle. This can include junk mail, old telephone books, newspapers and magazines and the packaging from convenience foods like cereals and crackers. You can keep all of these materials together in a bag or box until it’s time to recycle them.

If you keep the tips above in mind, recycling your household wastes will be easier than ever.


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