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Want to Learn How to Find a Good Estate Planning Attorney? Read These Tips!

It is not easy to find a reliable lawyer to help you handle your estate planning seamlessly, but there are resources, which you tap to assist in the selection of the right legal expert. Estate planning is a decision that affects your future and that of the family or beneficiaries. If you make a mistake, it will cost your beneficiaries because most likely it may end up being a court battle. A proper estate planning needs to be spearheaded by an attorney who has the experience and knowledge on how the documents are prepared to avert contests or disputes. So, you want to learn How to Find a Good Estate Planning Attorney in Irvine CA? read the tips below.

1. Ask relatives and friends:
Those people who have prepared their living trusts and wills before will mostly likely know a few lawyers you can contact. You can talk to your friends, relatives, and colleagues to assist you find the right attorney. If these people have no specific lawyers in mind, they will probably warn you about some attorneys they have had a bad experience with. Certainly, this helps weed out the good from the bad.

2. Contact your financial advisor:
One best-placed person in advising you on the right attorney to contact is a financial advisor. The advisors have details of lawyers who handle issues related to real estate planning, and they might offer a few you can consult with.

3. Consult with accountants:
Many estate planning lawyers work hand in hand with accountants in matters pertaining to income tax and trust. The accountants may know of attorneys they have dealt with in the past who can assist you in creating your estate plan.

4. Contact other lawyers:
If you have an attorney who has handled other different matters such as accidents or business disputes, they might know of colleagues who specialize in estate planning. They can assist you to find an attorney who can help you begin the process of estate planning.
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