Uses And Properties Of Diamond That Make It An Outstanding Earth Metal

Diamonds are essential metals in jewelry making industries. The two main properties that a diamond buyer in Edmond considers when purchasing diamond metal include its ability to divert light and incredible hardness. Diamonds are the hardest substances and purest carbon allotropes on earth. These metals and their alloys resist scratching and other forms of breakages. The hardness of most diamonds depends on their purity. Their sparkling features increase their demand in most jewelry industries.

As a Diamond Buyer Edmond, you should always buy diamonds that are crystalline, lustrous, and colorless. However, it doesn’t mean that all diamonds are colorless. You will find some that are black, pink, green, brown, light blue and tinged yellow. You shouldn’t assume that colored diamond alloys are full of impurities. The way you cut and polish these carbon-crystallized carbons determine their beauty and brilliance.

Most diamond sellers make mistakes of assuming that:

  • All diamonds of similar cut grade, clarity, and color are the same
  • Every diamond seller is a gemologist graduate
  • The accuracy of laboratory grading meets entire industrial standards
  • Clarity and color are the main determinants in diamond pricing
  • Every diamond store grades diamond alloys in proportional standards

Important diamond properties that diamond traders should know


  • Diamond has high refractive index that gives it exceptional brilliance. For this reason, a regular diamond buyer will have a consistent supply of sparkling jewelry that are exceptionally impressive
  • Diamond lacks free electrons hence a bad conductor of electricity and heat
  • Synthetic diamond is opaque to X-rays whereas natural diamond is transparent
  • Diamonds are chemically inert under normal conditions and aren’t affected by organic compounds, alkalis, and acids
  • Diamonds and their alloys are insoluble in all liquids

What are the uses of diamonds?


  • They make jewelries such as necklaces and rings that sparkle in the light
  • They make saws and drill bits used for cutting materials in industrial applications
  • You can use them for fine engraving and precision cutting
  • They make the openings of vacuum chambers, x-rays, and lasers
  • Many small mechanical devices such as watches use it as a micro-bearing
  • Because of their capabilities of absorbing heat, many micro electricians use diamonds to conduct heat way from electronics that are heat-sensitive
  • A Diamond Buyer Edmond will use diamond to coat computer processors and microchips



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