Used Motorcyles In Pittsburgh Can Provide You With a Piece of the Harley Heritage

A Harley Davidson motorcycle is a unique piece of Americana. Interestingly, the legend began because of the bicycle. William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson were next door neighbors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They worked together and decided to build an engine for bicycles. Initially, the first engine they built did not have enough power. They got help from a mechanic named Ole Evinrude and they built a second engine. A year later, the men built a single-cylinder motorcycle in a ten by fifteen wooden shed. The shed became the first Harley factory.

People who want to purchase a Harley Davidson today should visit Z & M Cycle Sales. The company sells Used Motorcycles in Pittsburgh. There are many cycling enthusiasts who would love to own a Harley. It was back in 1905 when the first Harley was mass produced. It was called the “Silent Gray Fellow.” It was built with the engine attached to a bicycle frame. The rider had to slow down and peddle backward if they wanted to stop. The local Police Department bought a fleet of motorcycles and started a trend. By 1925, over two-thousand police departments in the U.S. rode Harleys. More developments followed with the manufacture of the V-Twin. The first V-twin engine’s cylinders were angled at 45 degrees, which is a Harley standard.

Further, Harley played a large role in the U.S. military. Harley supplied thousands of motorcycles to the military in 1918 for use in World War I. In fact, the first American soldier to enter Germany was riding a Harley. After World Wars I and II, there was a huge supply of army motorcycles. Former soldiers started a trend by buying and customizing the bikes. They modified the fender to make the bike lighter and this was the start of the Chopper. Harley suffered financially during the 80’s due to an influx of lighter motorcycles from overseas. However, the company soon rebounded. The Harley Owners Group (HOG) began in 1983 and had over 30,000 members. Now, there are over a million HOG members around the world. Individuals who are interested in becoming a HOG should shop for Used Motorcycles in Pittsburgh.

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