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Use System Security Services To Protect Your Home or Business

According to the US Department of Justice in a 2010 report, between 2003 and 2007, an estimated 3.7 million homes were burglarized. The report went on to add that a household member was present in at least 1 million of those burglarizes and over 250,000 of those became victims of violent crimes. With the growing need for protection, many homeowners and property owners are turning to security systems. System Security Services usually consist of several basic components. A security setup usually includes a central panel, keypad for security code entry, monitoring contacts for windows and doors, sirens and motion detectors. Security systems that are monitored have the additional benefit of a 7 day a week, 24 hour a day monitoring station that readily alerts police and the homeowner if there are issues.

For many years, security systems often consisted of software and equipment that were designed for that particular system. Security systems and other monitoring devices were separate entities and did not communicate. With recent technological advancements with computer networking and the internet, security systems are quickly becoming more than just theft deterrent devices. Integrated Security Systems seamlessly incorporate multiple monitoring systems into one central network. Integrating multiple systems is often accomplished with a central software module that communicates with the other monitoring systems. A central command module is also created so that the combined systems can be controlled by an operator.

System Security Services that include integrated systems provide a full service protection for homeowners and business owners. Integrated systems can consist of closed circuit television systems, fire detection and life safety systems, theft deterrent systems and others security features based on individual needs. A security system can often deter theft completely or lessen the amount of property that might be taken. Some security services offer additional monitoring such as notifying the homeowner if their gun cabinet has been tampered with or detecting when someone enters or leaves the home. In additional to intrusion deterrents, security systems can monitor for fires and alert emergency personnel when necessary. For homeowners and business owners searching for ways to protect their property, a monthly fee for a security system is a worthy investment compared to what can be lost without it.

System Security Services at Peifer Safe & Lock includes integrated systems which provides full service protection for homeowners and business owners.

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