Use Dental Implants in Gilbert, AZ to Replace Lost Teeth

Patients who lose a couple of teeth in an accident are relieved to learn that it’s a simple procedure to replace them. It will take several months to complete the procedure. However, once finished the Dental Implants Gilbert AZ will resemble the original teeth so closely, that only an expert will know they aren’t real.

As soon as the gum and jaw have healed from the trauma, the dentist screws the implants into the jaw. It’s important to perform this procedure as soon as possible. When the jaw doesn’t have a tooth root to hold, it begins to deteriorate. It loses both size and density. In awhile, it won’t be strong enough or big enough to support implants. At that point, an oral surgeon would have to perform a bone graft, if the patient still wants to have an implant.

Once the Dental Implants Gilbert AZ have been accepted by the jaw, the dentist prepares the area for a porcelain crown. He can either take a traditional impression or a special digital photograph. The impression will be sent out to a dental laboratory. The patient will return in a few days to have the crown cemented into place. The digital photograph will be scanned into a computer, which is attached to a milling machine. In just a few minutes it will produce the porcelain crown. It can be attached immediately and the patient doesn’t need to return for another visit. Dental implants last for decades, when patients brush and floss properly.

Recently dentists have begun to use Dental Implants Gilbert AZ to anchor full dentures in their patient’s mouths. This procedure prevents the dentures from slipping and allows the patient to eat and speak with much more confidence. Sometimes dentists prefer to use mini-implants to anchor dentures. They are approximately half the size of regular implants. Some older patients with smaller jaw bones tolerate the smaller implants better. Instead of holding a porcelain crown, these implants are finished with a metal ball. The dentures have a slot that matches the ball perfectly. After cleaning them at night, the denture wearer pops them onto the implant in the morning.

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