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Understanding Types Of Sprinkler Heads

One key element to keeping a lawn and garden looking green and healthy is maintaining the right level of moisture in the soil. Too much or too little water and the health and appearance of the plants and grass will suffer. A great way to take the headache out of taking care of landscaping is by contracting with a landscaping company for sprinkler install in Wichita Falls TX. With a professional landscaper on your side you can have a system designed, installed, and maintained so that you can enjoy the convenience of automatic sprinklers with very little hassle. As you are working with your landscaper, though, it is important to understand some of the sprinkler design decisions that need to be made so that you can help to make informed selections. One major decision that needs to be made is what type of sprinkler heads to use.

There are four main types of sprinkler heads. They may come in a number of different brands and models but they all generally fall into one of four categories: pop-up, impact, gear-driven, and large turf rotors. When a homeowner contracts for sprinkler install in Wichita Falls TX, the type of sprinkler often used is the pop-up sprinkler. The bodies of these types of sprinklers can range from 2 to 20 inches. It is important to have large enough sprinkler bodies in grass areas so that the sprinkler head can clear the grass even after the body sinks over time. Larger pop-up sprinklers are generally used in gardens and planting areas.

Impact rotor sprinkler heads are designed to cover larger areas. They can generally be used to spray water from 20 to 150 feet. They are work well for use with well water or when the heads on pop-up sprinklers are susceptible to getting clogged by hard water. They can be more expensive and slightly noisier but they also tend to last longer making them a great investment.

When you are looking for sprinkler install in Wichita Falls TX for larger-scale systems, one of the most popular options is the gear driven rotor. They tend to be less expensive and quieter than impact rotors. They are also a great option for lawns with a slope or with very dense, clay soil. This is due to the fact that they have a low precipitation rate and help to reduce water waste due to run off in areas that have a hard time absorbing the water quickly.

Finally, large turf rotors are a great option for very large, commercial properties. They must be operated, though, with higher water pressure. They are generally only used for areas such as golf courses and parks. It is important to understand each of these sprinkler head types, though, so that you can make an informed decision regarding what types to use when you are working with a landscaper for the design and install of sprinklers for your home’s lawn and gardens.

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